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the person above you are thinking the most is the one you love♥
eingetragen von Dani am 13.04.2011

I Love you and you Love me
Love ma zam wo Love ma hin!!!!!!!!!1
eingetragen von Layla am 11.11.2008

no boys - no sex
no sex - no children
no children - ne school
no school - no teachers
no teachers - no problems
a perfect world :)
eingetragen von seeeedy! am 6.11.2008

I´m here in my room,
and my heart beats for you.
´cause it knows that you´re alone,
and so it beats for two.
eingetragen von Anastasia am 17.09.2008

I asked god for a flower, he gave me a garden.
I asked god for a tree, he gave me a forest.
I asked god for water, he gave me an ocean.
I asked god for love and he gave me you.
eingetragen von Juu♥ am 11.08.2008

Hurt me,but don´t say:
You don`t love me...
eingetragen von angelkiss am 9.08.2008

Some love 3,
Some love 2 but i love 1 and that is you...
eingetragen von henok am 29.07.2008

sometimes i wish i was a little kid again...
skinned knees are easier to heel than broken hearts!
eingetragen von me am 27.07.2008

If something is that perfect that there is nothing left to improve.
There is no use for your need to perfection things anymore.
eingetragen von Baumwesen Ruerd am 3.07.2008

i love you ,
you love my,
i love you not,
you love my not.
eingetragen von melanie am 21.05.2008

Give "LAUGH" 2 all
But "SMILE" 2 1
Give "CHEEKS" 2 all
But "LIPS" 2 1
Give "LOVE" 2 all
But "HEART" 2 1
Let Everybody "LOVE" u
But U "LOVE" 1
eingetragen von Lindushe am 14.05.2008

I chose to love you in silence, for in silence I find no rejection. I chose to love you in your loneliness, for in your loneliness no one owns you, but me.

Per kerkon veq per veten :P
eingetragen von Lindushe am 14.05.2008

Together forever and never apart, maybe by distance but never by heart.
eingetragen von Lindushe am 14.05.2008

And as they say true friendship never dies and looking back we smiled at all the tears we cried.
eingetragen von Lindushe am 14.05.2008

Love is the feeling, that you feel, when you fell the feeling, that you never felt before
eingetragen von Princezza_47 am 27.03.2008

i don´t need sex ,life fucks me every day !
eingetragen von Baby-BOO am 2.02.2008

I was sleeping very well in my quitschi Bettgestell,
but in the middle of the Nacht is es dann zusammgekracht
eingetragen von gary am 30.11.2007

Baby, i never use to belive people when they said " There is always 1 person out there for you, your true love." After i met you, i knew they were right....i could never love anyone more then i love you. My love for u is limitless, its been 2 months now....i wish to spend the rest of my life with my 1 and only true :-*
eingetragen von SweetLove8190 am 27.11.2007

ich lieb your eyes,
weil sie very nice.
Danach look at me,
aber don`t forget me.
Mein Herz schlägt
TIK TAK for you
Because Baby,I love you...!!!

The day I will stop lovin,you it the day
when I close my eyes for ever!!!

I am a bunny,
what can I say...U don´t like me???Thats ok!
I am what I am,I do what I do,
If you have a problem,fuck you,too.
I´m real,and I´ve got class,
mess with me,I´ll kick you ass!!!
eingetragen von Anna:) am 2.11.2007

When you go me on die nerven
I´ll put you in the gulli
Do the gulli druff
and you come never back to the tageslicht!

Don´t worry ! Be happy!

By the way,
I want to say,
please don´t go,
i love you so!

It takes a minute to crush someone,
a hour to like someone
and a day to love someone.
But it takes a lifetime to forget someone!

It´s easy to say: I love you!
It´s easy to say: I need you!
But it´s difficult to say:
Good bye forever!

Love is like a kind of gold,
it’s hard to find and hard to hold.

Love me not, love me never,
but when you love me, love me forever!

roses are red violetts are blue sugar ist sweet and so are you

Roses are red, violetts are blue,
God made me beautiful,
but what happend to you?

You´re like teardrops in my eyes.
You are the sun that always shines.
You are the one i ever needed -
i love you still -
i hope you hear it!

Your are my sunshine,
my only sunshine,
you make me happy all day long!
so please don´t take my sunshine away!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

You cannot find true love where it does
not truely exist and you cannot hide
it where it truely does.

Women in the army?
We need our girls for love not for war

Will you stll love me tomorrow?

Will you love me for the rest of my life?
No I`ll love you for the rest of mine.

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by embracing one another."

Tonight I dreamed of an angel kissing my lips in the rain.
Tonight I saw me in the arms of an angel, far away from here.
Tonight I was dreaming of you


Together forever and never apart,
maybe by distance but never by heart.

Together forever and ever in love.

To my love: I miss your love,
I miss your kisses I miss your love,
but the most I miss is you,do you miss me too ?

Time never stands still,
the moment drifts away and the one
you have not used you have not lived..

Three seconds to say i love you,
three hours to explain it, and a lifetime to prove it.

so kiss me and smile for me -
tell me that you wait for me -
hold me like you never let me go

Send me an M, Send me an S,
Send me an Sms to my heart

=So many kisses as you want and where you want!

Rememeber "M" remember "E" join them together and remember "ME"

Pain is temporary, love is forever

never kiss a guy with eyes of brown,
he´ll kiss you once and let you down!
but kiss a guy with eyes of blue,
he´ll kiss you once and ask for two!!

My heart is darker than the night,
when you are not here, but when you
are here my heart shines brighter than the sun!
I L O V E Y O U ! ! !

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.

ove is just a kiss away!

Love comes and goes !!
But when it stays a long time it`s
the best thing you can ever get ....

Look back. I`m there to protect you.
Look at your side. I`m there to guard you.
Look in front of you. I´m there to defend you.
Look inside of you. I

Kiss me and hurt me,
hug me and hit me, deep,
deep inside, but don´t fall in love with me !!!

Just wanted to send ya a great,
big, huge and wetty kiss! *splosh* feels great???
hope so! luv ya a lot!

If you ever see someone without a smile,
give him yours! You won´t lose it,
but he will win one!

If a kiss were a leave then
I will send an entire rainforest.

If a kiss is a snowflake
I would send you a whole snowstorm!

I wanna be your T-shirt when it´s wet,
I wanna be the shower when you sweat.
But more than anything I swear:
I wanna be your underwear!

I once lived in a time that was peace
with no trouble at all.
But then you came my way and a feeling i
know shook my heart and made me want you to stay

I miss you soo,
I decided to send you a big hug.
I will see you soon!!

I have two things in my life,
my teddy and you!
My teddy is for the night and you are forever.

I can´t be happy without you and
i hope you can´t be happy without
me I´m not happy without you and
i hope you feel so too!

I ask God for a flower and he gives me a garden.
I ask God for a river and he gives me an ocean.
I ask God for a love and it´s you he gives me!

Humans are angels with only one wing,
they can only fly,when they hold on to each other!!

hugs and kisses give hearts wings to fly

Gravity can not be made responsible
for two people falling in love.

Don´t let the miles between us,
dear,keep our love apart!
Just listen close and you will hear the beating of my heart!

Do not break the heart that loves you

Day for day crying, day for day waiting for you,
day for day being lonley day for day hoping,
hoping my whole life that you love me.
But you dont

Darling of night with the lonliest eyes

Catch me ,don´t let me drop.
Love me,don´t ever stop.
So close you eyes and let me kiss you,
and when you sleep, I WILL MISS YOU!!!

Catch a little star and put it in your pocket!
Keep it for a rainy day!

Can not stop loving you
eingetragen von Sabina am 23.09.2007

i stop loving you,when my eyes closed for ever
eingetragen von soccel am 8.09.2007

I speak english wery well bloss i kanns no net so schneell
eingetragen von Lost love am 31.08.2007

Smile; the second best thing to do with your lips!
eingetragen von Joy am 18.08.2007

me no money me no care i go marry millionaer
and if he dies me no cry i go marry other guy
eingetragen von the portuguese styleR am 19.07.2007

if miles can truly separate you from friends.....
if you want to be with someone you love.....
aren´t you already there?
eingetragen von am 4.07.2007

a girl and a guy can be just friends
but at 1 point or another
they will fall for each other
maybe temporailly,
maybe at the wrong time
maybe to late
or maybe FOREVER
eingetragen von maybe am 24.06.2007

Say you love me don`t let me cry.
Just say you need me
don`t say goodbye!
eingetragen von Christin am 20.06.2007

Fuck is great,fuck is funny,
many people fuck for money.
If you think fuck is great,
fuck yourself and save your money
eingetragen von 2hot 4u am 16.06.2007

love is a name, sex is a game, forget the name lets play the game :)
eingetragen von Princess am 15.06.2007

Trust i seek
when i finding you
everday for something knew
opend mind for a different view
And Nothing else matters
eingetragen von Metal Mars am 15.06.2007